From being a guide for a visually impaired athlete and an Elite Athlete herself, there is no doubt that Hannah Rounds is an inspirational role model for pupils here at Highfields.
Her experience in the athletic and sporting world is invaluable for Hannah when it comes to teaching PE and it spurs her on each day to get children passionate about sport.

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She also loves to incorporate her passion for Art, travel and the outdoors into History and Geography lessons.

Since she started at Highfields in January 2023, she has had a huge impact on pupils and their engagement in PE as well as in the classroom! 


Tell us something about yourself that we would not know.

  • I am a total foodie – I particularly love Fish and Olives!
  • I love doing Yoga and Park Run on Saturdays.
  • I am dyslexic. Neurodiversity is beautiful and it was only when I left school, I really understood how I learnt. Becoming a teacher has helped me embrace my own way of learning as well as the ways of others. I have been determined in my education, even when things did not come naturally to me, I always strived to succeed and overcome hurdles.  If, at 16 years of age, someone had turned round to me and said, I would go on to qualify as a primary teacher, I would have probably looked at them with some disbelief. However, I was a child with a growth mindset and it was my teachers and parents I thank for this! Last year I was awarded the University of Lincoln’s Primary PGCE Award for the highest mark – this is something I am incredibly proud of.

What is the most exciting thing you have ever done?

Competing in the Iron Tour, this is an endurance race, made up of 6 Triathlons over 5 days. I got to tour all over France and see so much of the country whilst competing. As well as being exciting, this was also probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The atmosphere was incredible, and it was such an amazing opportunity to push myself to my limit, both physically and mentally.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Qualifying for the Elite U23 European Triathlon Championship team and the 70.3 Professional World Championships. I first saw a Triathlon on TV and thought it looked like fun so decided to give it a try at the age of 19. I had a swimming and running background, but I had never even ridden a road bike – I didn’t even know how to use the gears! However, I soon picked it up and it actually became one of my strongest disciplines.

What has been your most life-changing experience?

Being a guide for a Visually Impaired Triathlete. Guiding was such a rewarding and unique role that also came with a natural pressure – someone was putting so much trust in me and ultimately their safety was in my hands. We were a team and accomplished a silver medal at the Para Triathlon World Championships and a gold medal at the Para Triathlon European Championships. This experience was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done!

What do you like about your Job?

I love how rewarding it is, to see the children’s skills develop, and ultimately see them happy participating in sports. I love to be creative within my lessons, especially in the younger Pre-prep years – there are so many fun ways of developing gross and fine motor skills that will support their development. I also love the diversity of my role; this year I will be teaching Form 3 in the classroom. I love teaching Geography, History and Art!

Why is it important for students to take part in PE?

Providing children with the opportunities to take part in physical education can open many doors beyond the classroom and into adult life. Needless to say, it is NEVER too late to try new sports, whatever your age – I am still doing it now!

What is the best thing about working at Highfields?

The children and staff – it is such a supportive environment to work in. The children are enthusiastic and have growth mindsets, even when the activity is something new to them. Almost every day as I’m just about to leave the grounds I hear a distant shout of “Goodbye Mrs Rounds” from one of the children who has spotted me and hasn’t managed to say bye yet – it’s those simple things that bring me so much happiness and job satisfaction.

What is the best advice that you would give to any budding sportsperson?

Try as many sports as you can! This allows you to find your sporting passion – you might be surprised which you enjoy and excel at the most. Taking part in sports can lead to so many opportunities and create so many life experiences – I didn’t start triathlon until I was 19 and the journey has been amazing! These days, I love doing a Park Run whatever time I run or where I finish.

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