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A Welcome From Our Head

At Highfields School we are proud of how we help your child feel at home, valued and developed as an individual. We share your ambitions for your child and are committed to ensuring pupils fulfil their incredible potential within a loving and strengths-focussed environment with a genuine family feel.

We have small class sizes, exceptionally talented and passionate staff and a myriad of opportunities to explore and develop individual talents through an exciting programme of academic and broader curricular opportunities.  With a well deserved reputation for both academic and pastoral excellence, we place each child’s well-being at the heart of all our work.

Through our expertise and carefully crafted curriculum programmes, we nurture the talent in every child and give them the best possible start to their educational journey, treating each child as an individual. At Highfields, we craft a bespoke learning experience for every child.

Understanding how children learn best, we have developed an enhanced curriculum that goes well beyond the four walls of the classroom and is highly engaging and exciting. We inspire not only an intrinsic love for learning but building self-esteem and confidence, encouraging children to set their own goals, explore and enjoy new challenges. Fundamental to all this is our firm belief in establishing strong foundations for your children’s future achievements and life skills.

As Headteacher, I am confident that this website will give you a flavour of our thriving, vibrant, high achieving school.

I also very much look forward to welcoming you and your family personally for a visit which will enable you to gain a full picture of the unique and caring environment that makes Highfields so special.

Mrs Sarah H Lyons
BEd (Hons) Primary (Early Years)

Be Valiant, Aim High, Achieve More

Our Values

We are a family school with strong values and traditions, which have served the school well in the past and will continue to serve future generations of Highfields children equally well in the future.

Manners and appearance are very important to us at Highfields. We offer a high level of pastoral care and seek to ensure the children are polite, helpful and confident.

We develop strong foundations for our pupils’ future development, not just academically but socially and emotionally too. Our aim is to develop well rounded young people who want to go out into the world and make a difference.

Our Wonderful Facilities

Set in fourteen acres of mature parkland, including wonderful sports fields, a MUGA Pitch, as well as track and field facilities, and a sports hall, the grounds provide a beautiful setting for children to explore, whilst enjoying their education. The Highfields school building is steeped in history, with an exquisite entrance hall, and stained glass windows, along with a warm and welcoming feel.

Highfields House has been extended with more purpose built classrooms over the years as our wonderful school has grown. Well equipped classrooms with views of our beautiful and vast grounds bring an element of the outdoors in, allowing children to feel connected to nature whilst they learn.

Our multi-purpose school hall has its own fully functioning stage, with wings, lighting and a stage curtain allowing for school productions to be performed in a professional manner.

Private music rooms allow for our Peripatetic experts to deliver Music lessons in a dedicated space, whilst our School Library allows for a place of calm and reflection with a vast selection of books.

Our Forest School area, including treehouse, campfire, hammocks and demonstration area, facilitate the teaching of practical based Bushcraft Skills, allowing children to connect with the outdoors and nature.

Why not explore our facilities yourself?

Highfields Uniform

We believe wearing a uniform not only represents our school and makes us look smart, but also identifies our pupils very firmly as belonging to our Highfields school community.  In fact, our blazer has been with us since Highfields was founded almost 75 years ago.  In those days, pupils also wore a cap and straw boater! Although the cap and boater are no longer part of our uniform, our blazer remains mainly unchanged and is an important part of our school history.

Our blazer, and all the rest of our uniform, is available from our friendly and helpful stockist, Wrigle Print  (see below).

The main uniform for all school pupils consists of our blazer, tie, a choice of grey or white shirt, tailored trousers/shorts, pinafore (Forms Reception to 4) or pleated skirt (Forms 5 and 6) and plain black shoes.

During the summer months, uniform is shorts instead of trousers or the summer dress instead of pinafore/skirt.

For outerwear, we have a school raincoat which can be worn all year round over the blazer and for winter we have grey duffle coats (optional).

Our PE Uniform

Pre-Prep – House colour polo shirt with black Highfields shorts, Highfields black joggers and our Highfields quarter zip jumper.

Prep – Highfields black polo shirt, Highfields shorts or skort, Highfields black joggers and our Highfields quarter zip jumper.

We also have a black swimming costume or trunks for swimming, with a school swimming cap.

Highfields School Uniform Stockists

All uniform is available from our stockists,  Wrigle Print, and can be ordered on their website, or in their store. Please see the Wrigle Print online portal below.


Second hand items which are still in good condition can be purchased or sold through the Family and Friends of Highfields (FFH).

Please note that colouring of hair and wearing of jewellery (except on religious grounds) are not permitted.

Book a personalised tour! We would be delighted to welcome prospective families to Highfields School.

“There’s just something special about this place, that just makes you want to be here”